F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions)

Affordable levies include a multitude of services such as security, garden services, management, 12 channel DSTV, 24 hour emergency nursing services and regular free clinic, mini bus, maintenance, etc.

Should the Purchaser take occupation before registration of transfer, the Purchaser will be responsible for the payment of all rates and taxes and levies payable to the Local Authority and Helderberg Manor Home Owners’ Association.



The Developers are aware of the increasing importance of security. Therefore, Helderberg Manor will contain state-of-the-art security - which includes electronic beams and camera surveillance (the latter at the entrance gate only). Security will be further enhanced by access control and security patrols.

Please note that garage doors are remote controlled, as well as the security gate. Each Purchaser will be issued with one remote control device for each of the above. The Purchaser will be liable for the payment thereof at the cost to the Developer.

Each house will be supplied with security and alarm system and each resident will be issued with a remote to control security breach, medical alert and perimeter alarm.



Completion and occupation

You will be advised of the commencement and completion programme in respect of your home. All risk in the property will pass to you on practical completion.

You will be contacted timorously to arrange the handover of your unit.

The balance of the purchase price (if any outstanding) is payable to the attorneys prior to occupation of the unit. In the event of a bond being registered over the property, interest will accrue as per the Agreement of Sale up to registration thereof.

On the day of handover a representative of the Seller will accompany you to inspect the unit and record any visual defects. You will then be given a further 21 days to report any further defects. The Project Manager and the representative of the Contractor will meet with you 90 days after practical completion of your unit. At this stage the final inspection with regard to snags will occur and you will have the opportunity to submit your final 90-day snag list. Once all defects have been attended to, you will be required to sign a final form confirming your satisfaction.

From occupation of the property, you will be required to pay levies to the Home Owners’ Association.

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