South Africa has become a popular destination for Europeans and many have acquired property here so as to enjoy the favourable climate and sophisticated lifestyle that the country offers. Although some people have acquired permanent residence many behave as “swallows” and retreat south to escape the cold and damp of the northern winter, returning home when the days grow longer. For those who are concerned about the financial security and healthcare facilities in South Africa during their senior years there is an attractive and secure alternative


Retirement Villages


Many such villages have been established in South Africa and they provide a safe and secure lifestyle including access to world class health care facilities. Many provide on-site restaurants; frail care and recreational facilities and the gardens and security arrangements are provided and maintained by the village.

Investors in retirement villages are protected by the Housing Development Schemes and Retired Persons Act 65 of 1988 that regulates all aspects of the construction, funding and administration of the villages, providing a secure investment for those wishing to enjoy their mature years.

The retirement village alternative provides the ideal opportunity to those wishing to enjoy the pleasures of the South African lifestyle, secure in the knowledge that their “home from home” is secure and well maintained when they return to their family and friends in Europe.


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